Are yogurt,coconut oil and garlic the best natural cures for bacterial vaginosis?

By | July 5, 2017

Rather than going to the doctor to be examined and be prescribed medications, many people still prefer to look for home remedies or natural treatments for their ailments. Whatever their reasons may be, it cannot be denied that alternative medications, home remedies, or natural cures, in most cases had also been proven effective, especially for mild or common conditions. One common condition that normally occurs especially to women is bacterial vaginosis.

This is an infection caused by an imbalance on the growth of the different bacteria that stays in the vagina. This can be mild and would not show any symptoms at all but if it does, women who has it would usually have foul smelling vaginal odor and unusual vaginal discharge. Due to the nature of this condition, there are still a few who finds this condition very private and somehow still feels hesitant to open up with a doctor. As a result, individuals with bacterial vaginosis look for natural cures to use as an alternative for prescribed antibiotics. Among the natural antibiotics and antiseptics, are yogurt, coconut oil, and garlic, the best natural cures for bacterial vaginosis? Let’s take a look.

Non-antibiotic therapy is also a good remedy for mild bacterial vaginosis infection. Some physicians would recommend intake of probiotics in order to strengthen the good bacteria in our body. Probiotics are live microorganisms that produce antimicrobial compounds which inhibits the growth of bad bacteria. A good probiotic supplement would be raw yogurt with strains of lactobacilli. Intake of 100g raw yogurt twice a day helps in restoring good bacteria in the body. One can also dip a tampon into the yogurt and insert it in the vagina and leave it for two hours.

Antiseptics provided by essential oils coming from medicinal plants are also a good natural cure for the infection. Coconut oil is also said to have antibacterial and antifungal properties, this is why it is usually used as a topical medication. It has lauric acid which fights infections. A tampon can also be soaked in a mildly warmed coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil and insert in the vagina for a couple of hours.

Another potent natural cure for bacterial vaginosis is garlic. Garlic has antimicrobial compounds that kill bad bacteria. This is the reason why garlic is always used as a home treatment against infection. You can get the maximum health benefit from fresh raw garlic. Others would prefer to take garlic pill, powder or dried, but this does not match the healing potency if taken in its raw crushed form. Take in 2-3 average sized cloves of garlic to get the most out of it. Eating raw garlic can possibly upset the stomach, so it’s recommended to balance it with plenty of probiotics food.

Aside from the above mentioned natural cures for bacterial vaginosis, there are also other options available at home that can be used. Other natural remedies that can be used are Tea tree oil, Apple Cider vinegar, Oregano oil, and Hydrogen peroxide. These are natural cures that do not necessarily have any side effects compared to prescribed antibiotics, however, it is still recommended to consult a physician, be examined and get the best medication.