At home over the counter (OTC) test kit strips vs swab test vs rapid whiff test odor procedure for bacterial vaginosis diagnosis

By | September 3, 2017

Bacterial vaginosis is an issue that can occur in women of childbearing age. This occurs when there’s a pH balance issue in the vagina, and it leads to inflammation of the tissue. The vaginal tissue can become inflamed, and cause a number of symptoms to form over time. There are a few elements that you’ll need to consider over all, as sometimes the symptoms do not come in at first. Many women will not have to deal with this at all. Figuring out whether or not you have this issue requires a few options to consider, if you do not want to visit a doctor straight way. The following explores a few of the options, alongside what symptoms to look out for.

What Symptoms Are Associated With Bacterial Vaginosis?

At first glance, you may not have any symptoms. Not everyone has symptoms at first, but in time, they may develop. Some of the options that come through include vaginal discharge, redness, foul odor, itching, and pain. There may also be pain in the lower back as well. Treatment can be done after you get diagnosed with this issue, or use a few options, including the following.

Test Kit Strips

This is a solution that you can use fast, and figure out what your pH levels are. This is a low-cost solution that you can literally touch the vagina with and figure out the issue overall. This is an indicator solution that will help you understand the ratio that you’ll want to consider and whether or not you have vaginosis or something else. There are some solutions that are as low as ten dollars and some that are as much as 80 dollars, depending on how much information you want out of the test strip.

Swab Tests

With the swab test, you can work with this solution that literally looks at the discharge and figures out if you have a bacterial issue. A small swab of the discharge that may be on the vagina can be explored with this solution, which is usually under $20. This is not an expensive solution, and can give you a look at what the pH balance of the vagina may be. These are easy to read, easy to use, and will help you gain the upper hand in the right arena.

Rapid Whiff Test

The next option is simple, and is similar to the swab test. This is a rapid option that tests pH levels in the vagina. By using a simple examination of the fluid, you’ll find that this can easily be determined based on using a simple chemical solution test.

Using each solution can work. Each option tests the pH levels, and can be compared to several options within the test. When you purchase any of these tests, you will be given instructions to follow, and can self-diagnose, and then help clean things up the right way. If these things do not work, or you have questions, you can always go to a doctor and get a proper diagnosis and prescription solution.