Bacterial vaginosis is caused by what bacteria?

By | September 3, 2017

Bacterial vaginosis is a common issue that millions of women have to deal with. It’s a problem that is associated with bacterial overgrowth in the vagina. It can occur in women of childbearing age, and those that have reached menopause. It’s something that is not serious, and can be reversed with the right solution. You may find that this is something that has no major symptoms at first, but can come through with symptoms if left alone. A lot of individuals may not be able to denote any issues, but when they occur, you will know that there’s something wrong. Understanding this issue requires a bit of attention to a few simple things.

What Is Vaginosis?

Vaginosis is an inflammation of the dermis inside the vagina. The vagina can cause a number of issues, and can end up with symptoms that directly cause issues with smell, feeling, and more. The main cause can be isolated to unprotected sex, douching too much, and even increase risk factors for sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the symptoms that may come through include discharge from the vagina, redness, itching, foul odor, and much more. At first, you will not see symptoms, as they may not present themselves. However, over time, they may get worse.

The Bacteria That Causes Vaginosis

The vagina has bacteria that is necessary for 100% homeostasis. However, you’ll find that there is no specific name to the bacterial element. There are several elements that can cause it. This can include gardnerella vaginalis, prevotella, and veillonella. These are just a few of the bacteria that have been linked to the issue of vaginosis. The bacteria will overgrow in the vagina and throw off the pH balance overall. This is something that is not easy to work with, and can cause a number of issues overall.

Reversing Vaginosis Naturally

There are several ways that you can help with vaginosis. The biggest option to utilize is that of healthy bacteria through probiotics. One of the easiest solutions is through eating yogurt. Eating yogurt introduces a lot of elements to the vagina and will help with cleaning the bacteria and reversing the issue overall.

Another solution that you can use is probiotic supplements orally. Aside from that, you can use apple cider vinegar diluted a bit with water and soaked in a tampon. That can help with just a few hours of placing it into the infected area.

Going To See A Doctor

The next thing that you should do is simple, call a doctor. A doctor can diagnose the issue and figure out what the root cause may be. This can help with not only healing the inflammation, but reversing it properly. It can help with prescribing medications that can be taken orally first. This may be an antibiotic, and will be required to be taken for 7 days straight. Another solution you can use is creams or gels that can be placed on the vagina to help with cleaning the bacteria, and restoring the pH balances. This is an easy thing to work with, and a doctor can assist you with this.