Bacterial vaginosis not going away with antibiotics – How to treat BV without antibiotics

Bacterial vaginosis is a common issue that millions of women around the world will have to deal with. It’s a problem with bacteria overgrowth, and it can cause no symptoms at first. However, left untreated, a variety of symptoms may come through, causing a great deal of issues for women of childbearing age. With that in mind, you may find that you will need to take antibiotics to help with getting rid of the malady. But here’s the thing, it may not work. There’s a few things that you should know about this, and how it may affect your recovery.

Understanding Vaginosis

The first thing to understand is that bacterial vaginosis is an issue that can cause a lot of symptoms, left untreated. It is caused by unprotected sex, douching too often, and pH balance changes due to hormonal shifts. When these things occur, the body reacts with changing the bacteria that is located in the vagina. That causes inflammation, which can lead to the symptoms that will be tell tale signs.

Some of the symptoms associated with this issue can include itching, redness, pain during sex, discharge from the vagina, and even odor. These issues can manifest after some time, so it’ should not be taken lightly, if you see any symptoms appear or get worse.

Treating Vaginosis

There are several types of vaginosis, however, for the bacterial issue, doctors will prescribe antibiotics first. These are often given to women in the form of capsules, or even creams. These options can help reverse the issue, and assist with changing the bacteria in the vagina for the better. However, you’re going to find that this may not be a cure all for some. While some may find this to be a good choice for relief, things may reoccur. Reoccurring issues associated with this bacterial problem is nothing new. Many women will find that within 12 months, there can be a common recurrence, which is why it’s important to know how to treat this without antibiotics.

Using Garlic

The first option that you can use is garlic. This can be taken with a capsule supplement. Taking a supplement for this can help from the inside out. When taking this, you’ll find that the body uses the garlic to push through the issue, and heal the element outright.


Another solution that you can utilize is simple, yogurt. Eating yogurt on a regular basis can help with reversing the issue outright. You can find that this will help by introducing good bacteria to the body. The body will then use that to help boost the good bacteria in the vagina, and reverse the overgrowth outright. Yogurt needs to be eaten daily, to help introduce the right bacteria.

Probiotic Supplements

Using probiotics is a good way to introduce the prober pH to the body. You’ll find that by adding this, the body will react positively, and you’ll start to see the symptoms stop within a few days. It can even help supplement the use of yogurt. This is an easy solution to help boost the immune system, and help vaginosis outright.