Bacterial vaginosis vs candidiasis diet – 3 day cure all diet plan

By | September 3, 2017

There are roughly 3 million cases of bacterial vaginosis in the United States annually. Women of childbearing age will have to deal with this issue, and may not be able to find relief in many solutions. If you or someone you know has this issue, there are a few things that can be done to help. Aside from going to the doctor to get antibiotics, you’ll find that a good diet may be able to cure this issue, and even help with avoiding recurrences. The option is founded in the idea of the candidiasis diet. This is a diet solution that helps reverse the effects of the issue, and helps from the inside out. To understand how this works, and how to use it, you’ll need to know what vaginosis is, what symptoms to look for, and how you can make modifications to change the issue once and for all.

What Is Vaginosis?

Before getting into the candidiasis diet, first explore what vaginosis is and why you should take care of it fast. The first thing that you need to know is that this is an issue that can affect women of child bearing age, as well as those that are pre-and post-menopausal. This problem can occur due to unprotected sex, and douching. Whenever the pH balance of a person is altered, the bacterial overgrowth can cause inflammation of the vagina, which is the main root issue here. This is something that will not go away on its own. Not only that, you may not even see symptoms come through at first glance. In fact, many women do not see any symptoms at all at first. Over time, left alone, this can lead to redness, itching, discharge from the vagina, odor, and pain during sex. It’s for that reason why a person should find help before things get worse.

Helping The Issue With Diet

Many people turn to the candidiasis diet, as it can help with a lot of different elements. It can assist the body by introducing positive bacteria to combat the overgrowth of the negative. This can help the body heal from vaginosis in as little as 3 days, when used properly. It may take longer for some, but combined with the right antibiotics, things can become easier to manage overall.

What Foods Come With The Candidiasis Diet?

There are different ways that you can approach this diet. The first is a cleanse. You’ll want to go with the first couple of days of a liquid only diet. You’ll need to get a vegetable broth, or make one, and just drink that as your main food for 2 days. Alongside that, drink plenty of water, and keep going for 2 full days of meals. This will help cleans the body, and assist with removal of bad bacteria.

After you’ve gone through the first days of broth, you’ll want to follow up with day 3 through 5 of just eating steamed vegetables. That’s right, just steamed vegetables for a few days, to help the body bounce back to healthy living. After that, you’ll want to add yogurt, and go back to a healthy diet. Within 3 days you’ll see a change, and in 5 days, you’ll see a complete reversal in most instances.