Review of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) No More (TM) system by Jennifer O’Brien – Does This Ebook Work? Is The PDF Download Worth It?

Bacterial Vaginosis is a prevalent condition among women and is characterized by excessive and smelly discharge and itching around the vaginal area.

The exact cause of bacterial vaginosis is yet to be identified but studies show that occurrence of BV is related to bacterial upset in the vaginal area. Lactobacilli is predominant in the vagina and is responsible for keeping the area free from bad bacteria. It also helps maintain the natural PH level in the area which eliminates the chances of survival of other bad bacteria and fungus.

Due to different reasons, lactobacilli in the vagina decreases in number which allows the bad bacteria to thrive and multiply and if left unattended, it may result in bacterial vaginosis infection.

Medical Treatment

Antibiotics are the first line of treatment for bacterial vaginosis in the form of clindamycin and metronidazole. But, despite the early diagnosis and treatment, BV recurs after some time giving you same headaches and frustrations.

Having vaginal vaginosis puts the patient at high risk for other sexually transmitted disease. It also affects the patients’ confidence and alters their normal daily routine.

Is antibiotic treatment ineffective?

The recurrence rate of bacterial vaginosis among patients who received medical treatment increases the inefficacy rate of antibiotic treatment for BV.

Antibiotics are administered either via oral administration or vaginal insertion. Whatever route of administration, antibiotics destroys both the good and bad bacteria.

What happens during treatment?

During the course of treatment, antibiotic kills the bacteria surrounding the vaginal area; both good and bad.

After completion of the treatment plan, the vagina becomes free from bacteria but due to different factors such as hygiene, sexual intercourse, diet, and lifestyle, bacterial vaginosis microbiota recurs and the vagina remains defenseless due to the absence of lactobacilli which was killed during the course of antibiotic treatment.

Alternative Treatment Plan

If synthetic medicine does nothing in improving women’s lives then there must be something out there that could treat the infection.

Jennifer O’Brien, a women’s health advocate, found a natural way of treating BV through natural methods which she called as Bacterial Vaginosis No More, Heal Bacterial Vaginosis Holistically.

This treatment promises to permanently cure Bacterial Vaginosis in 3 days using a 5 step program.

O’Brien is a BV sufferer too and her seemingly eternal discomfort and complications that put her family life at risk served as her ultimate inspiration in finding the definite BV treatment that will solve her vaginal problems.

She also once depended on antibiotic treatments but was disappointed due to the fast recurrences and severity of her BV condition. She spent years of studying, researching and gathering facts from different materials until she came up with the factual information that BV is directly related to the status of your holistic health.

The BV No More System will not only end your BV suffering but clean your whole system as well. Its holistic approach will help your body regain its optimum wellness and your vagina’s normal flora.
The system is also a proven method of ending your BV infection in 3 days. In the past 7 years, BV No More system solved the vaginal problems of almost 138,000 women in 157 different countries around the globe.

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