Can a hydrogen peroxide douche with Epsom salt cure the bacterial vaginosis infection?

By | September 3, 2017

Bacteria can enter the body and cause a variety of different ailments. In women, this issue can be isolated in the vagina. If you suspect you have this issue, you’ll be dealing with something that is known as bacterial vaginosis. This is a problem that affects over 3 million women in the United States alone. Finding a reversal of this can be tough at first glance, but there are options that you can pursue to help in this matter. The biggest thing to consider in this regard, is looking at the root cause, and applying a holistic healing solution. With that in mind, the following options may be worth taking a look at in order to help with the reversal of vaginosis once and for all.

The Symptoms Associated With Vaginosis

Before getting into how to reverse this, you should know what the symptoms are. The biggest issue that you may need to consider is that of discharge, odor, and redness. You may also have itchiness, and rash in some instances. This is going to be uncomfortable, and will not go away on its own. What may be frustrating in regard to vaginosis is that you may not see symptoms appear at first. Many women do not get any symptoms coming through, but after some time, they start to smell and see discharge come out of the vagina. That’s the signs that there’s something awry.

Regarding causes, you’ll find that there are a variety of things that can cause this problem. The first being unprotected sex, too much douching, bacterial infections, and even hormonal shifts. Whenever the pH balance of the vagina shifts, one may have an issue that is related to bacterial vaginosis.

Reversing The Problem With A Douche

There is a way to douche that can help clear the issue of vaginosis. This is done with a specific type of solution, and can work within a couple of attempts. There is no “one” way to get rid of the bacterial infection, but this is a strong contender. What you will need to look for is hydrogen peroxide and Epsom salt. This is a solution that you can mix and then douche with. These components are not going to cause harm, they heal the inflammation, and sooth the area so that you get a better overall pH balance.

Once you do this, you can also take a shallow bath, with warm water, to ensure that the area is cleaned and free of the bacteria overall. This does in fact work, and in some instances, you can purchase a douche that is specifically made to help with healing vaginosis.

When To See A Doctor

Some individuals will need to see a doctor. That’s only if this solution doesn’t help, if the symptoms get worse, or you are dealing with a variety of other issues overall. A doctor can provide a medication that is topical, or even an oral solution that will help with reducing the issue outright. Either way, you’re going to find that this is a good option to pursue if you want to ensure that you are getting this reversed.