Can bacterial vaginosis cause severe lower back pain?

By | September 3, 2017

Over 3 million women in the United States will suffer from a bacterial issue that takes place in the vagina. This is something that occurs within the vaginal tissue, and it’s due to bacterial overgrowth. This will cause inflammation of the dermis inside, and can lead to a variety of different symptoms. But while many maladies have symptoms outright, this is something that may not have symptoms appear for some time, which is why many individuals may be confused about it. The issue here is bacterial vaginosis, and it doesn’t always come out with symptoms straight away.

What Exactly Is Vaginosis?

To understand what this is, you should know that symptoms may not come through at first glance. In fact, you’re going to find that the biggest issue may not appear for a few days after the bacterial overgrowth begins. The vagina has a pH balance that can become over run with the wrong bacteria. When that bacteria infects the area, inflammation occurs, and vaginosis appears. The risks associated with this comes with unprotected sex, excessive douching, and hormonal shifts across aging.

This is a bacterial infection that will cause a serious issue for some. In some cases, the symptoms start to drop in a single manner, or coupled together. These symptoms include discharge, redness, itching, and foul odor. These issues come through the vagina over time, but not initially. That’s why this is such a difficult thing to deal with. In some instances, you may feel bloating, and even severe lower back pain, which are signs that there is something wrong.

Addressing The Issue

Focusing on the symptoms of vaginosis is important. There are a variety of symptoms that may come through, and can be difficult to manage because they don’t always come through together. With that in mind, you will need to know that bacterial issues can be helped with probiotics. You can take a probiotic that will shift the balance of bacteria to a favorable manner. You can eat yogurt daily, or take a probiotic which is a positive thing moving forward.

Aside from probiotics, you can use a topical gel or cream. If that doesn’t work, or you suspect something more difficult, then you may need to see a doctor. A doctor can help with addressing the problem, including diagnosing whether or not it’s vaginosis or it’s a sexually transmitted disease. Doctors will prescribe a gel, which can be applied topically. They will also prescribe antibiotics which can help the bacteria change over, and help with cleaning overall.


Moving forward, you’ll find that recurrences can occur within a few months, or even within a year. If that occurs, you can get another prescription or round of antibiotics to help clearing out the issue. Recurrence is not a sign of a bigger issue in some cases, however, you may find that this is something that you will need a helping hand with clearing out. It’s something that requires a little bit of help, but can be healed. Once this is done, you’ll find that lower back pain can also drop off, and completely change the issue of vaginosis for good.