Can bacterial vaginosis spread to men?

By | September 3, 2017

Vaginosis is an issue that is found in women. Men may find themselves wondering if they can contract this, and the short answer is simple, no. While this is not an issue that men should worry about, there are some issues that should be discussed in regard to this problem that effects upwards of 3 million women in the United States alone. As a result of this, it’s imperative to consider the bigger picture associated with vaginosis, and what is needed to assist with changing the issue, and even healing it down the line.

What Exactly Is Vaginosis?

An inflammation of the vagina due to bacterial infection is known as bacterial vaginosis. There are several types of vaginosis, and this is one of the most common. This is an issue that can spread across the vagina, and can lead to a variety of symptoms. It is caused by having unprotected sex, douching too often, and hormonal shifts that cause the pH balance to shift improperly. Either way, this is a problem that many women will face off against, and men will no doubt worry about.

The symptoms associated with this issue include vaginal discharge, foul odor, pain in the lower back, and abnormal bleeding. This is something that is going to have no major issues at first glance, but in time, there may be an additional amount of symptoms. At first, you may not see anything wrong, but left alone, the symptoms start to come through and will not go away on their own.

What About Men?

Men do not get bacterial vaginosis. The reason this doesn’t occur is because men do not have vaginas. This is a bacterial issue that is specifically regarding women, and that’s it. While it can raise the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, it is not itself something that a man can get through intercourse, or anything like that. However, men can get other bacterial infections, just not vaginosis. Vaginosis is a unique issue that women get, because they have vaginas and that will cause the main issue to form.

Reversing Vaginosis

To ensure that an individual gets better from this, they will need to reverse the bacteria. There are several over the counter options, including options that are specifically made to help with pH balance. They can help change the pH levels for the better, and reverse vaginosis over time. There are also creams, and some can even use tampons with apple cider vinegar to help ease the issue and change things for the better.

In the case that the symptoms do not change, it’s imperative to get a helping hand with vaginosis. This is where a professional may need to be called. A doctor can provide options that will help with changing this, and even help avoid spreading it over time. It’s something that is simple, and easy to get help with overall. Getting the upper hand with this can be a matter of seeing a doctor, and getting a prescription medication to help with reversing vaginosis. This can be done with oral medication as well as a cream or gel directly applied to the vagina.