Can Cephalexin (Brand name: Keflex) treat bacterial vaginosis

By | September 3, 2017

Bacterial infections are not uncommon. These are issues that millions of people will have to deal with. Women specifically will have to deal with a variety of issues, including vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is something that millions of women will have to face off against over time. It’s something that is easy to take care of at home, or with the help of a doctor. Understanding what this issue is, and how it can affect the body is a good way to figure out what the next course of action should be. The issue that comes with this problem however, is that it doesn’t always present symptoms. That can make it difficult to figure out what is going on, especially if you’ve never had vaginosis before.

Understanding Bacterial Vaginosis

The starting point of this issue is simple, knowing what bacterial vaginosis is, and how it can cause issues with the vagina. This is an inflammation of the vagina, including issues that you may smell, or see. The symptoms that occur with this problem include abnormal bleeding, redness, itching, burning, discharge from the vagina, and even odor. A foul odor and discharge are some of the things that are going to come out the most, and will cause issue straightway.

The root causes associated with this bacterial change is in regard to unprotected sex, too much douching, and hormonal imbalances. These hormonal changes can cause the pH levels of the vagina that can lead to bacterial problems. The bacteria will overtake the vagina, and will cause vaginosis with symptoms coming through.

Reversing The Issue of Bacterial Vaginosis

The first thing that you should look for in regard to getting help is the medications that are used often with this. One of the most common solutions includes prescription solutions. This can include Cephalexin. This is a prescription antibiotic that is given to individuals that have bacterial problems. This is one of the solutions that is given to individuals that have urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis, and much more. This can cure the issue, however it’s just one of the many solutions that doctors will give patients to help with this.

Gels and Creams

Aside from oral medication using Cephalexin, there are gels and creams that may be used to help with vaginosis. A doctor will prescribe a solution that can be applied to the vagina directly. That will help erase the bacteria and will reverse the problem out right. The infection will go away as the bacteria is replaced to proper solution. This solution is something that is easy to work with.

In order to get help regarding vaginosis, it’s imperative to call to a doctor. This will help you reverse the issue, and diagnose the problem the right way. It’s something that can be treated within a week or two, and will not recur down the line. However, there are some individuals that may see a recurrence within a few months, to a year. This is a problem that is no doubt going to be problematic over time, if left alone. Get a helping hand, and a prescription to help aid this.