Can hot Jacuzzi whirlpool spas and bathtubs affect my bacterial vaginosis?

By | September 3, 2017

Bacterial vaginosis is an issue that can strike millions of women. There are no less than 3 million cases in the United States alone, and this is an issue that may need the help of a professional. It can be spread through sexual contact, and it may be something that can be spread through spas and bathtubs. However, it’s not always the case. It’s imperative to understand what this is, how it spreads, and how to reverse it. With the right information, you’ll be able to figure out the causes, symptoms and other elements associated with bacterial vaginosis.

Understanding Bacterial Overgrowths

The body has bacteria that it needs to move forward with. The vagina specifically has a pH balance that includes several bacterial growths that are inside the vagina. These are normal, but there is a pH scale that can cause problems if negative bacteria overtake the area. When bad bacteria overtake the pH scale, women will have vaginosis. This is an inflammation of the vagina and can cause a variety of symptoms to come through.

The symptoms associated with vaginosis includes foul odor, discharge from the vagina, itching, redness, lower back pain, and even abnormal bleeding and menstruation. This is a problem that doesn’t always present itself with symptoms, however, which is why many women may not even know that they have this. Over time the symptoms do in fact come through, which is something to understand on a larger scale.

Spreading Vaginosis Through Water

Many women may not be aware of this issue, but spas, whirlpool Jacuzzis, and even bathtubs can cause problems. If the water is not cleaned, and not balanced correctly, it can spread bacteria and cause a number of infections in the body. This includes problems associated with vaginosis, especially if women that have the issue are in fact in and around the area. If a woman that has vaginosis goes into a spa or bath tub, and is joined by others, the bacteria can spread with the heat and surrounding water.

Reversing Bacterial Vaginosis

Once this occurs, it is possible to reverse this issue. The reversal requires introducing probiotics into the system. That can be done through using yogurt, or using a probiotic supplement. Aside from that, a person can use gels, and creams that are available over the counter. Options that include peroxide, and even mild antibiotics can help with cleaning this as well.

Seeing A Physician

Moving forward, you’ll find that a physician will help you gain the upper hand with this. They will be able to diagnose the issue and help garner a reversal. They’ll be able to prescribe a medication that will help heal this overall. They will also be given a supplement that will help within 7 days. The prescription will need to be taken fully through the 7 days, or you will not get a reversal that you truly want. Seeing a physician isn’t always needed, however, if the symptoms come through and stay for some time, it may be necessary to get help. This is an issue that can be healed, and reversed, without recurrence.