Can the Z-Pack Azithromycin (Zithromax) treat bacterial vaginosis?

Millions of women deal with vaginosis of various types. One of the most common issues is that of bacterial vaginosis. This is an issue that occurs when bacteria change the pH levels of the vagina, forcing inflammation of the dermis in the vagina to occur. This is something that many women will face off against, and will not be able to overcome without some specific options moving forward. In order to understand what medications are used to treat this, it’s imperative to consider a few notes in regard to the root cause, and the symptoms that may occur as well.

The Root Cause of Bacterial Vaginosis

The root causes of vaginosis are simple at first glance. The biggest issue that you’ll find is having unprotected sex. Those that have unprotected sex can cause bacterial infections to form in the vagina, and that can lead to vaginosis. Another issue can be douching too much, which can strip the vagina of the bacteria that it needs. Hormonal changes in the body can also lead to this, which can be difficult to manage at first glance. These are root causes that come through vaginosis and can end up causing a variety of issues.

The symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis can be non-existent at first. Some individuals may not see anything occur, but over time, left untreated, there will be symptoms that come through. These can include vaginal discharge, itching, redness, pain during intercourse, foul odor, and even lower back pain. This can also be tied to abnormal bleeding during menstruation, and even a heavy flow with pain. These are issues that can all be tied to vaginosis, and bacterial elements that do not go away.

The Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis

Moving forward, you’ll find that there are common options that can treat vaginosis. The most common that you may find when you visit a doctor is Zithromax. This may also be called a “Z-Pack” which is an antibiotic that can help in the treatment of a variety of bacterial infections. This is given to those that have sexually transmitted illnesses, as well as those that are dealing with vaginosis. Healing this option can require the use of Zithromax for several days, up to twice a day to ensure that the bacteria reverses and is healed outright.

Calling A Professional

A Doctor can help with this option outright. They can help with healing things through the use of antibiotics. Zithromax is a solution that can be utilized, for instance, and that is an oral medication that can be coupled with gels and creams. Gels and creams can assist in avoiding recurrences, and helping get the right balance of bacteria back to the vagina. The prescriptions that are often given are antibiotics, that are taken orally for at least 7 days. If they give a gel, it will be applied directly to the vagina, and that will help the pH levels get restored. It’s simply an easy solution to move forward. It’s a simple option that can be assisted by a doctor, and while not everyone needs to see a physician, it’s a good idea if the symptoms become unbearable.