Cleocin creams and suppositories for bacterial vaginosis

By | September 11, 2017

Over 3 million women will deal with the issue of vaginosis. There are several root causes associated with this, and one of the issues is bacterial in nature. Millions of women will have to deal with symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis, and will not be able to get this cleared up without a helping hand. There are a lot of different solutions that you can work with, including visiting a specialist to help with clearing this up. Some of the options that you will want to explore may include cleocin creams and suppositories for returning vaginosis. With that in mind, consider a few notes in regard to this issue, and how you may need to look for specific issues etc.

What Exactly Is Vaginosis?

The first thing that you should know is that bacterial vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted disease in the traditional sense. It’s an inflammation of the vagina, and can be healed within a few days or up to a few weeks. Symptoms don’t come through right away. In some instances, you may not see any sort of symptoms coming through, which is something to consider as you look into understanding this malady. Symptoms will come through solitary or through clusters including discharge, burning, redness, foul odor, and even abnormal bleeding.

The root causes of this problem include unprotected sex, as well as over douching. These issues can cause abnormal shifts in the pH balance of the vagina. That is the major problem that causes vaginosis overall. Once you know what to look for, you may need to look into what can help reverse this. There are several treatments, including the following options.

Cleocin Cream For Bacterial Vaginosis

Cleocin cream is a prescription solution that women will place on the vagina. It is given to women that have infections in the vagina and it is a topical solution. It is prescribed to help with fixing the pH levels of the vagina. It can help with a variety of different issues, and can help with this malady within 7 to 11 days. It is an easy thing to apply, and it can help with reversing vaginosis without having to worry about symptoms coming through after the fact. This can also be given with a prescription for antibiotics which can be taken orally.

Suppositories For Bacterial Vaginosis

Another solution that is given to women dealing with this issue is that of suppositories. This is a solution that can be placed in the body and the medicine will help with reversing the malady out right. The goal is to change the pH levels and return the right balance to the vaginal tissue. This can be taken for several days, and a doctor may also prescribe antibiotics as well.

The best thing to remember about bacterial vaginosis is that it takes time to clear up. It can take a few days to a week or so to get this cleaned up. Doctors can prescribe solutions that will help clear things up for good, and you can work with over the counter options as well.