Does bacterial vaginosis cause bloating, infertility, fever, miscarriage, sores and painful sex?

Millions of women around the world are dealing with an inflammation of the vagina. This is known as vaginosis. There are several root causes that can be attributed to this, but the most common today is that of bacterial. Bacterial vaginosis can come through with no symptoms to start. In fact, many people will not see anything come through at all, but left alone, there will be distinct symptoms that will need to be addressed. These issues can include and are not limited to discharge, bleeding, redness, itching, and more. To understand what else this can cause, you’ll need to know a little bit about vaginosis and what can be done to reverse the issue.

What Exactly Is Bacterial Vaginosis?

The first thing that you need to know is that this is a bacterial infection. It comes through an imbalance of pH levels in the vagina. When there’s something awry here, you’ll find that the dermal tissue in the vagina will have bacterial overgrowth that causes a variety of symptoms. Some are mild, and some are a bit more extreme. The initial symptoms may be as listed above, but some women may experience other symptoms, which will be highlighted below. The good news is simple, this can be reversed and helped with over the counter medications or with a prescription from a doctor.

The Severe Symptoms Associated With Bacterial Vaginosis

There are a few severe symptoms that you may run into if you have this problem. Some individuals will experience extremes, while others may not get that bad. Whatever the case may be, you may want to know what to expect and when to see a doctor. The following are some of the extremes that could occur outright.

Bloating and Fever

Bloating, lower backpain, and even fever can be signs that there’s something wrong. The vaginosis can cause the body to have irregular symptoms, including bleeding, fever, and even pain in the lower back. This will go away with treatment, however.

Infertility and Miscarriage

Another extreme symptom that will need a doctor’s help is that of infertility and miscarriage. Pregnant women that develop vaginosis are at an increased risk of miscarriage. Meanwhile, women that have chronic vaginosis may have trouble conceiving, which can also be troublesome. A professional can diagnose this issue and offer medications to help through the process of healing this issue and protecting pregnancies so that they are not at risk long term.

Painful Sex

There can be pain during sex, but not necessarily sores on the vagina. Painful sex is due to the pH balance being upset. The vaginosis can cause inflammation in the vagina which is why this is an issue that could be pointing towards bacterial infection. Unprotected sex is a root cause of this issue, which is why it’s imperative to consider this as a larger symptom.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that bacterial vaginosis requires a professional opinion if you have these extreme symptoms. Many people will not need extreme help, as you can catch this early. However, if the latter symptoms appear, get a helping hand.