How to use apple cider vinegar tampon and sitz bath to cure bacterial vaginosis?

By | September 3, 2017

There are a lover of women that will have symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis. This is an issue that 3 million women will have to face in the United States alone. The symptoms associated with this includes discharge, itching, redness, foul odor, and lower back pain. It’s caused by unprotected sex, douching too often, and hormonal imbalance. These issues are difficult to manage if left alone, and they could very well cause issues down the line. Many women will not end up seeing symptoms, as they don’t always appear up front. In time, however, they can manifest solo or coupled with others.

How To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis

There are issues that you can work with vaginosis. The big thing to focus on is to look into the symptoms. If you have symptoms associated with this issue, then you’ll need to explore simple methods to clean this up. Clearing this issue can be as simple as looking into an apple cider vinegar solution, and a sitz bath. These two things are unique, and can help return the pH levels of the vagina to proper order.

Using An Apple Cider Vinegar Tampon

This is one of the most common solutions that is recommended to help with vaginosis. The first thing you’ll need is apple cider vinegar. Take that and dilute it a little. This can burn if you apply it directly. You need to dilute it with 1 part water, to help give you a 50% dilution ratio. This can help lessen the problem. Use the solution to dip a tampon in, but not completely. Do not soak the full thing, but rather just half. Then you will need to apply this into the vagina. This can help with reducing the smell, and change the vaginosis overall.

This can be done for a couple of hours a night, with no more than 3 hours at a time. This may be done a couple of times during the course of a few days, and it should help. If there’s a recurrence, then applying this again may help.

Sitz Bath To Help With Vaginosis

You can use a sitz bath to help with vaginosis, and this is something that is common for individuals with problems of the dermal layers. This is a bath that is only a few inches in the tub, and is meant to help with healing the areas around the vagina and anus. This should be warm, not too hot, shallow, and just meant to clean the right areas. You can add an oatmeal solution to help with the pH levels, but it’s a simple thing that you can go with aside from the tampon to help reverse bacterial vaginosis.

With these two solutions, you can work towards finding a resolution of vaginosis. You’ll find that this is a simple solution that you’re going to find to be easy, and over the counter. It’s a simple bacterial vaginosis that can help you gain the upper hand in removing this infection. The vaginosis issue will only last a few days if you start working on this as soon as symptoms come through.