Metronidazole gel vs Rephresh gel vs clindamycin gel vs Metro gel for bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is an issue that occurs in the vagina of childbearing age. This issue can come through as a result of unprotected sex, douching too often, and pH balance issues due to hormonal shifts with aging. There are several options that can be used to help with reversing this issue, including several gels. If you have never applied a gel for this, or perhaps just want to know which is best to use for bacterial vaginosis, consider the following gels that are often used for this problem.

Metronidazole gel

The first major solution that is recommended for use of vaginosis is Metronidazole gel. This is an antibiotic solution that is applied directly to the vagina. It’s a gel that can help with treating redness, itching, and infection due to bacterial overgrowth. It can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription, and can heal the issue within a few days. There is also an antibiotic that will be paired with this given orally.

Rephresh gel

Rephresh gel is an over the counter medication that can be purchased in many pharmacies today. TI’s a simple solution that can be applied to the vagina, and helps with eliminating the foul odor that can come with vaginosis. It helps by restoring the pH levels of the vagina, and helps prevent odors, and even heal discomfort that can be tied to vaginosis. This is a relatively low cost, simple solution to utilize, and can help with returning the right bacteria to the vagina, when there’s an overgrowth of the bad. It works well, and has a lot of reviews that speak to the fact.

Clindamycin gel

This gel is an antibiotic solution that is meant to help with skin care. It can be used for a variety of different elements, including vaginosis. However, some of the reviews have indicated that this can be a little harsh to utilize. Regardless, the FDA approved this solution, and it is relatively inexpensive to garner. It’s a gel that is meant to reverse the issue, and help bring about a shift in the pH balance of the vagina, to reduce inflammation overall.

Metro gel

Finally, one of the prominent prescription medications that can be used to treat this issue is that of Metro gel. This is something that can help with reversing the symptoms that are associated with vaginosis, as well as help with treating a variety of problems associated with the issue straightway. While it requires a prescription to get, it works well enough to be one of the more popular solutions. It can also be paired with an oral antibiotic to help expedite the results.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that all of these solutions can work, albeit in different ways. If you feel that there’s something extra wrong, or perhaps these do not help, a doctor can help with figuring out what the main issue may be. Asking a professional about the condition can lead to finding out if the issue is simple, or it’s a bit more complex in nature.