Review of Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom by Elena Peterson – Does This Ebook Work? Is The PDF Download Worth It?

Bacterial Vaginosis is a common disorder that often infects women between 15-44 years old. Researchers aren’t sure what causes bacterial vaginosis but with the help of statistics, it is believed that it is a sexually transmitted disease.

The vagina is swarmed with different bacteria and lactobacilli naturally populate the area which is the reason behind the vagina’s self-cleaning ability.

When an abnormality occurs such as reduced lactobacilli, the bad bacteria dominates the vaginal area which then causes bacterial vaginosis.
Lactobacilli also protect the normal Ph level of the vagina which helps keep other disadvantageous bacteria away.

Despite being a condition that only affects women, it is still considered as a sexually transmitted disease (STD) because the bacteria microbiota can be transferred via female to female intercourse. Scientific studies also prove that bacterial vaginosis microbiota is present in male penis and urethra but it does not alter men’s health. The male sex organ serves as a reservoir where they thrive for survival and multiplication.

Common Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis is a self-limiting condition which means that it goes away after some time but to avoid further complication patients opt to seek treatment.
Bacterial vaginosis is treated through antibiotics. It is commonly treated through the use of clindamycin and metronidazole either via vaginal insertion or oral route.


Even when treated properly with antibiotics, bacterial vaginosis often recurs and even worsen after sexual intercourse.

The tendency is, doctors will prescribe different antibiotics to treat recurrence which will lead to body’s overexposure to certain drugs.

Alternative Treatment

No one will ever understand the discomfort associated with bacterial vaginosis except for the former BV sufferer herself. And it is more frustrating to undergo repetitive antibiotic treatment when recurrence occurs.

Elena Peterson, a former bacterial vaginosis patient and a medical researcher made a breakthrough in natural treatment for BV without the risk of possible recurrence and adverse effects of medical treatment.

After battling with bacterial vaginosis for a long time and trying different techniques and methods such as antibiotics, deodorants, mini pads, and perfumes, Elena Peterson finally gained her ultimate freedom from BV.

She studied the statistics of infected women and other risks factors for BV and she came up with the idea that it can be treated using natural methods without risking the balance of your whole body system.

If the use of antibiotics is the best medically approved solution for BV, then why is the chance of recurrence still high? It is likely because antibiotics disable both bad and good bacteria in the vaginal area. According to studies, BV could be caused by the bacterial balance upset around the vaginal area which is often associated with low lactobacilli count. Due to lack of lactobacilli, bad bacteria populates the wider part of the vagina which emits toxins and eventually result in BV infection.
Elena Peterson found out that diet plays a great role maintaining the equilibrium of the vagina. Thus she created an Ebook that features numerous natural ways of BV treatment and prevention.

This E-book is way cheaper compared to medical expenses. Plus, an unconditional 100% money back guarantee is also included which will allow you to get a full refund from if you feel that Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom is not in any way helpful in treating your BV.

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