Review of Rephresh Pro B for bacterial vaginosis – Does Rephresh cure BV?

By | September 3, 2017

Millions of women today will have to deal with bacterial overgrowths in the vagina. This leads to a variety of symptoms, but overall, it’s something that is not uncommon. It is spread through sexual contact, or due to cleanliness issues, as well as over douching. In some instances, an imbalance of the pH levels end up being a serious issue overall. The thing about this problem is that it may not immediately show up with symptoms, causing many to wonder what to look for overall, and what may occur as a result of the bacterial issue.

What Exactly Causes Vaginosis?

The root causes of vaginosis can be varied. It effects women that are of childbearing age. It can be due to unprotected sex, douching, and can also be a problem with malnutrition or lack of hygiene. There are several bacterial elements that can travel across the body, which creates the issue overall.

There are a few symptoms associated with vaginosis, including discharge, redness, itching, and foul odor. This is a problem that doesn’t happen fast. This is something that may not show anything for some time. However, it could very well come through fast, and within a few days. Also, there are some symptoms that are solitary overall. There are some solutions that can help with this, including topical options that you can purchase such as Rephresh Pro B.

A Review of Rephresh Pro B

Rephresh Pro B is a solution that you take orally. It’s meant to help balance the bacteria in the body, and assist with returning pH balance to the vagina. This is not a topical solution, it’s a capsule that women take once a day. It helps with helping balancing yeast, bacterial vaginosis, and overall healthy living. This is a supplement that comes in packages of 30 oral capsules. It is only needed once a day, and it starts to work within a short span of time. It helps with a variety of bacterial issues, including yeast infections, and vaginosis.

Does It Work?

The short answer is yes. The reviews on this product suggests that it does in fact work. Lots of reviews have poured in to describe what occurs, and within a couple of days the results should start. Within a week’s time, the results will manifest completely, and help with the vaginosis problem, and infections that may rise as a result of pH imbalance.

The ingredients of Rephresh Pro B include a variety of ingredients that help with vaginal health. The overall active ingredients include a pribiotic strain that focuses on vaginal health. It also contains Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GR-1, Lactobacillus Reuteri RC-14. These ingredients are clinically proven to help with the issue of bacteria in the vagina and will assist with changing things the right way, from the inside out.

When To Call a Doctor

There are some individuals that will need to see a doctor. Doctors can prescribe topical creams, and see what the root causes may be. They’ll also be sure to check for other issues, and will help with figuring out prevention, and other elements that can help with vaginosis overall.