Review of The BV Miracle by Megan MacDonald – Does This Ebook Work? Is The PDF Download Worth It?

Bacterial Vaginosis is a common disorder that affects most women at some point in their lives. It is often self-limiting and goes away after a period of time. But despite being self-healing, it is advised to treat BV as soon as possible to avoid further complication and health risks.

Characteristics of Bacterial Vaginosis

* Excessive vaginal discharge with a fishy smell
* Burning sensation
* Pain during urination
* Pain during sexual intercourse

What causes Bacterial Vaginosis?
Researchers are still working on identifying the cause of BV but according to studies conducted, the disease is associated with the imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the vaginal area.

Lactobacilli is the normal flora of the vagina and it helps protect the area from bad bacteria that may emit toxins and cause infection. Due to different factors, the number of lactobacilli in the area decreases and the numbers of bad bacteria increases which lowers or increases the PH level of the vagina to a favorable level for bacterial growth and multiplication.

The vagina is known for being self-cleaning because of the presence of lactobacilli but when an imbalance occurs, infection takes place.

Risk Factors of Bacterial Vaginosis

* non-monogamous sexual relationships
* Use of intra-uterine device
* douching
* smoking
* psychological and social stress
* Vitamin D deficiency
* Iron deficiency in pregnant women
* antibiotic use

Medical Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis is treated using antibiotics like clindamycin and metronidazole. This type of treatments often starts with proper diagnosis and prescription.

Antibiotic treatment aims to kill the BV microbiota but it also kills the good bacteria as well. After the course of treatment, the vagina remains unprotected and susceptible to BV recurrence and other STD infection.
Even after treatment, bacterial vaginosis may reoccur and physicians often prescribe another set of antibiotics which may affect the liver and kidneys in the long run. Plus, the body tends to develop immunity to antibiotics which may lead to drug inefficacy.

There were reported cases of BV infection among pregnant women and this is alarming because the condition can lead to miscarriage, preterm birth, and low birth weight.

A Breakthrough in BV Treatment

Megan MacDonald is a BV survivor and a health advocate who wants to extend help to every BV sufferer. She was also diagnosed with BV and tried every possible treatment from synthetic medicines to odor prevention but nothing worked and it left her frustrated and hopeless.

Bacterial Vaginosis shattered her sex life and ruined her self-confidence. She took the matter into her own hands and started working on finding the permanent solution to BV. She seeks help in Craiglist, numerous doctors, natural healers, took health college course and did a comprehensive research about BV.
She found out the truth behind the condition and formulated a treatment plan that will help you get rid of your embarrassing BV within 48 hours. She called it as The BV Miracle, an Ebook with a compilation of effective natural treatment plans.

Unlike antibiotics, The BV Miracle aims to treat the condition from its roots instead of managing its symptoms. It does not have any adverse effect, safe for the body and strengthens the body’s holistic health.

The BV Miracle comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you think it doesn’t work, then feel free to return it and claim your full refund.

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