What Are the Best Over the Counter Medications for Bacterial Vaginosis?

By | July 5, 2017

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection brought by imbalanced bacteria in the vagina. It is commonly treated using antibiotics in a variety of forms, like pills, ovules, gels, or creams. However, if you’re lucky, this vaginal infection may simply go away without resorting to any medical treatment. But, even if you are not infected, you might be curious what are the best over the counter medications for bacterial vaginosis?

This is an important topic to discuss so women will become aware on how to immediately treat vaginal infections at home.

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment with OTCs

Male sex partners of women suffering from bacterial vaginosis don’t need treatment, but female partners do. If you suspect vaginal infection, there are over the counter medications you can use to stop the symptoms. Here are some of the common OTCs that can help you:

* Vaginal douche. Vaginal douching products help in keeping the vagina clean, smelling fresh, and free from infections. However, be sure to use douches with acidic nature like boric acid or vinegar douche. These types of douches are excellent in acidifying the pH of your vagina. If the acidity in the vagina is maintained, bad bacteria and other microorganisms are prevented from overpopulating. Just be careful of some douches that can irritate the vagina or cause allergic reactions.

* Feminine wash. Choose Betadine feminine wash to effectively treat bacterial vaginosis. This over the counter treatment contains povidone iodine that is known as an antiseptic chemical element. Using this feminine wash, germs are killed, fungal growth is inhibited, and swelling is prevented.

* Lactobacillus acidophilus. This is a probiotic that can treat vaginal infections. By boosting good bacteria in the vagina, the bad ones are overpopulated. Also, the antimicrobial properties such as lactase, and vitamin K are known to treat vaginal infection, asthma, and even diarrhea. For those who want to buy this over the counter medication, it comes in capsule, tablet, or vaginal suppository.

Treatment of bacterial vaginosis is recommended to avoid other complications that may come with the infection. For prescription medications, clindamycin and metronidazole are the common medicines recommended by doctors. These are taken orally (pills), or by applying in the vagina (creams or gels). However, oral medications are usually more effective than topical creams. Just be careful in possible side effects when using these treatments.

Important Considerations

Make sure to consult a doctor or medical professional that specializes in this condition to avoid further complications. If the over the counter treatments are not enough to stop vaginal infections, immediately see your doctor. Follow-ups are also helpful in ensuring that OTCs are effectively working in treating the infection.

Some tips to avoid bacterial vaginosis are not douching, limiting your sex partners, completing the medication, and using birth control pills. Always keep your vagina clean and fresh to maintain the balance of healthy bacteria. If you don’t see results, visit your doctor today to know what are the best over the counter medications for bacterial vaginosis? Do not wait for the symptoms to become worse. Treat it right away.