What works for fish like odor urine from bacterial vaginosis?

By | September 3, 2017

The vagina is a versatile, resilient part of a woman. It usually cleans itself, but of course there are pH imbalances and changes that can occur. One of the issues that can occur in the vagina is that of bacterial vaginosis. This is an issue that affects millions of women, and it’s not a serious condition, but it should be addressed. This occurs due to bacterial overgrowths in the vagina, and can cause a variety of symptoms to appear. However, they do not appear at first. They take time to manifest, and may not be immediately something that is seen. Understanding what this is, and how to treat it, can help with removing the fish odor, and urine issue that many women may face with this inflammation.

What Are The Causes of Vaginosis

There are a variety of causes of that can be pointed to in regard to vaginosis. These can be unprotected sexual intercourse, douching too much, and abnormal hormonal shifts. Women that are of childbearing age are often the most at risk for this issue to occur. The thing is, many women will not have any symptoms. However, left alone, there are some symptoms that may occur. Those symptoms can include a variety of issues that need a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment.

The symptoms associated with this problem include abnormal discharge, redness, itching, pain, and a fish odor in the vagina. These symptoms may not appear all at once, and they may only appear after some time. They can appear with just one symptom or several symptoms.

What Can Help Remove the Smell From Bacterial Vaginosis?

There are a variety of different things that you can use at home to help with odors that come with vaginosis. The following are some of the most common solutions that are recommended to women.

Plain Yogurt

You do not need to apply this to the vagina, mind you. Instead, eat yogurt on a regular basis. This helps with spreading natural probiotics through the body, and will help with introducing the right pH balances to the vagina. Within a few days, this should help change the bacterial elements of the vagina and will not smell any longer.

Garlic Supplements

Studies show that garlic can help with reversing bacterial inflammation. This is taken orally, and can be found in any pharmacy. Garlic supplements can also help with treating heart issues, and boost the immune system.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Another home remedy that works is using hydrogen peroxide in the vagina. You only need 1 ounce of this to help with the changes. This can clean the bacteria, and help with balancing things properly.

Aside from these issues, you may want to stop douching, and changing underwear types. Cotton underwear may be needed for some time, as this will help with allowing the tissue to breathe a bit, and the odor to go away in time. When switching underwear, make sure to avoid wearing tight clothing like tights or yoga pants, as this can cause the bacteria to stay in one place, instead of allowing breathability to help with removing the smell overall.