Why does my vagina smell fishy and have a bad odor? How to eliminate the foul scent from my intimate zone?

By | September 3, 2017

Women’s vaginas are usually self-cleansing. They work with balancing pH scales and much more with relative ease. However, there are times when there is a discharge or a smell. In that case, you may sense a fishy odor, or a bad odor coming through, and that’s not necessarily normal. It can occur from time to time, mind you, but there are some that are not normal, and will require going to a medical professional to see what may be wrong. In most instances, normal smells can occur through changes in cycles, such as the menstruation cycle. Also, sexual intercourse can change or alter the smell at times as well. Unhealthy bacteria can infiltrate the vagina and cause discharge and odor as well, but that’s not something that will last a long time in most cases, and can be cleaned with some simple steps. If smells are coupled with itching, redness, bleeding, pain, and lasts for more than a few days, then something is wrong and a doctor will be needed.

Eliminating Foul Odors From Intimate Areas

In regard to eliminating odors, you’ll need to consider a few things overall. The biggest thing to understand here is that you will need to practice good hygiene. Hygiene is a root cause of odor, especially since the body’s skin has sweat, secretions, and dead skin cells that can cause chemical elements to disrupt the pH balance of the vagina. The chemicals of certain cleansing options like soaps and body washes can also cause issue with the vagina’s natural balance as well.

Changing Underwear Type

One reason why some women sometimes get a foul odor is due in large part to the type of underwear they may be using. A simple change that can help is in regard to the type of underwear that you’re using. One solution that helps a great deal is that of cotton. Cotton underwear can help because it’s breathable, and can help with natural pH balancing.

Deodorizing Products

Every pharmacy has deodorants and different options that can be placed on the outside of the pubic region. These are not to be sprayed on the vagina or in it, but rather around it. It can help with eliminating the chemical smell, fish smell, and bad odor overall. While this is a natural, easy fix, it can help return pH balances in time.

Prescription Medication

If the smell continues, without any change, a doctor may be needed to help. They can diagnose the reason for the smell, and can even prescribe a medication that will help with it. Sometimes, yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections, fungus, and other issues could be the root cause of the smell. These options require a topical solution, and could be corrected in many instances.

Smells that are foul, fishy, and do not go away is not something to wait to clear up. Take action, and try to use over the counter solutions and basic hygiene as the starting line. Further down the road, visit a physician to figure out the bigger issue that is at hand.