Will hydrogen peroxide eliminate my bacterial vaginosis?

By | July 5, 2017

You’re probably wondering whether hydrogen peroxide is effective in eliminating your bacterial vaginosis. Here is a breakdown of what hydrogen peroxide can effectively do.

It is important to know that hydrogen peroxide acts as a natural disinfectant. As disinfectant hydrogen peroxide plays the role of treatment by eliminating bad bacteria from your body, thus, allowing your body to reinstate appropriate levels of useful bacteria. In addition, hydrogen peroxide assists in eliminating irritants that cause inflammation along with other issues linked to bacterial vaginosis.

However, hydrogen peroxide is only a temporary solution since it is incapable of removing bacterial biofilm which causes bacterial vaginosis to recur. Bacterial biofilm refers to a sticky outside layer of cells found inside your vagina, which is thick and impenetrable. Thus, bacterial biofilm literally blocks all attempts made by beneficial bacteria. The vagina becomes an uninhabitable environment for lactobacilli bacteria, whose role is to generate lactic acid to help the vagina to remain acidic. The vagina also gains immunity against antibiotics. As a result, bacterial vaginosis recurs.

Therefore, to benefit from the use of hydrogen peroxide, there are various ways you can use it. First, remember to use just 3% of hydrogen peroxide and mix with an equal amount of water, to avoid dryness or irritation of the vagina. This then implies that you are expected to create a solution containing 1.5% of hydrogen peroxide since one cannot purchase 1.5% hydrogen peroxide.

After creating the required solution, you may utilize it in two ways. First option is to use it as vaginal douche. The second option is to apply the solution on a tampon and then inserting it directly into the vagina. If you choose to use a tampon it is advisable not to leave your tampon inserted in your vagina for more than 30 minutes.

Continue with the treatment until the symptoms have subsided, indicating that treatment is working just fine.

When using hydrogen peroxide for treatment, it is important to incorporate the habit of regularly taking probiotic foods to avoid the occurrence of further issues relating to bacterial infection.

Curious about how your vagina will feel like after using hydrogen peroxide as douching agent or with the use of a tampon? Generally, your vagina will feel clean and dry. This dryness should not be a cause for alarm because this is a normal reaction of the vagina to the treatment.

You are also likely to feel a burning or stinging sensation a few minutes after the treatment. This, too, is a normal reaction. It should be tolerable, including any pain that might go with it. The pain should also fade quickly, and eventually, the burning sensation will cease.

If you experience unbearable pain rather than relief from bacterial vaginosis, you should immediately stop using hydrogen peroxide as douching agent.
Under normal conditions, 30 minutes after using hydrogen peroxide, your vagina will secret moisture again and return to its normal pH levels.
It is important to consult your doctor so that proper treatment is administered. Remember not to do self-medication, as the vagina is a sensitive part of the body.